Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happie Mothers Day

My Mummy is always by our side no matter what. 

She holds our hands when we're lonely, 

cuddles us when we're afraid, 

carries us when we can't take the pain anymore. 

Regardless of what is going on in her life, 
my sister and I are her number one always. 

She'll go to war so we don't have to. 

God sent us an angel. 

We love you mummy



Tinu said...

Happy Mother's day to your mum!!! Shes quite amazing!!!

Siobhan said...

That's beautiful darling, I hope my babies feel like that about me when they're grown xxx

Angie said... are my Angels.....both of you........Together we are stronger than you know.
......I love you both. xxxxx