Saturday, April 9, 2011

Is Thursday the new Friday?

So apparently Thursday is the new Friday which is what my friends have been constantly telling me over and over again. After an age of declining their offers, I was finally cajoled into heading out last night after work to enjoy a few belated birthday drinks. Excitedly, my friends informed me that as I love cocktails so much they were going to take me to this great bar called Zebranos. (If you haven’t been you’re missing out!) 

We arrive at Zebranos and the drinking ensues. Whilst ordering a round, my friend (Louise) tells me that she fancies the bar man (Patrick). So I basically befriend Patrick as Louise was too shy to talk to him. To sum up that whole situation, well let's just say they got on well that night!

Moving swiftly on, later that evening I notice this really tall gorgeous guy and I think to myself 'I have to get to talk to him'. But alas, how do I this? I need a plan. So, I start to visually stalk tall gorgeous man and low and behold, my new friend Patrick knows him. Bingo! I convince Patrick that I need him to introduce me to tall gorgeous man and he complied accordingly.

It turns out that tall gorgeous man is called Scott and was even more gorgeous up close! He was also very chivalrous and entertained my garrulous nature for quite some time. On asking if he wanted to dance, Scott claimed he, unfortunately, couldn't dance until after midnight.(?!) I never managed to quite ascertain why this was! But he did say that he would take me out on a date. Yay! I get over excited and run, like a child who has just seen an ice cream van, to my bag to get out my phone. However, instead of exchanging numbers and or bb pins, he gives me his card and told me to email him! Cue awkward moment where I’m just standing there with my phone in one hand and his card in the other. I smile, nod and hold onto the card like it was my lifeline. Whether he could sense my confusion I'm not certain, nevertheless stepping towards me, he gently pulls me in closer and kisses my forehead. Sweet or patronising? I’m still not quite sure!!

So I must conclude the following;
- Thursday is NOT the new Friday. Because if it were, I would not have had to wake up at the crack of ridiculousness the next morning to get to work after drinking copious amounts the night before having had roughly about 2.1minutes sleep. To say I was hung over is an understatement!

- Will Scott keep his word and take me out on a date? Email has been sent sooooooooo... I guess I'll just have to wait and see!

Please note that all names have been changed to protect the innocent and or guilty people mentioned in this blog!

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